[EGG FREE] Chocolate Almond Cookies
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Signature Chiffon Cakes

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Signature Chiffon Cakes

Our chiffon cakes are known for its tantalizingly light yet moist and tender texture. As with all of our products, our delicate collection of chiffon cakes are all baked naturally without using baking agents for the signature lift.

[EGG FREE] Chocolate Almond Cookies
[EGG FREE] Chocolate Almond Cookies

[EGG FREE] Chocolate Almond Cookies

All Time Favourite!!!!!

Baked fresh with almonds nibs and cocoa.

These cookies have a delectable taste with a crunchy yet melt in your mouth texture.

No eggs, and only natural ingredients. No preservatives, essences, colourings or additives. Little added sugar.

Allergens : Dairy / Wheat

Serve: 210 grams

Note: As these cookies have no preservatives, they will last approximately 7 days after opening. Comes with airtight container.





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