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Christmas Cakes

To pre-order, please select your preferred collection date between 1-24 December 2018 in the shopping cart. Click "Continue Shopping" before selecting your desired orders.

Signature Chiffon Cakes

Our chiffon cakes are known for its tantalizingly light yet moist and tender texture. As with all of our products, our delicate collection of chiffon cakes are all baked naturally without using baking agents for the signature lift.

The Yuzu Passion continues....

THE YUZU PASSION is a delicately light Yuzu chiffon cake, filled with ambrosial passionate fruit curd and wrapped in velvety Yuzu Crème Chantilly frosting. Hints of piquant yuzu curd and passionfruit jelly join delicate edible flowers to complete the taste composition.

If you haven't tried this delectable creation, fret not, it is still available for any celebration you have planned.

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Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate
Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate

Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate

Our Signature light Swiss buttercream is created out of artisanal Maldon sea salt caramel. This is piped onto soft fluffy dark chocolate cupcakes.

Set of 12 $60
Set of 36 $172
Set of 60 $280

Cupcakes are regular size.

All natural ingredients. No colourings, essences, preservatives, shortening or additives.

Allergens : Egg / Dairy / Wheat

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