[NEW] Chocolate Orange Chiffon
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Signature Chiffon Cakes

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Signature Chiffon Cakes

Our chiffon cakes are known for its tantalizingly light yet moist and tender texture. As with all of our products, our delicate collection of chiffon cakes are all baked naturally without using baking agents for the signature lift.

[NEW] Chocolate Orange Chiffon
[NEW] Chocolate Orange Chiffon

[NEW] Chocolate Orange Chiffon

Airy and refreshing orange chiffon is handmade with fresh orange juice and zest, giving you a citrusy aroma that even your grandma would approve! It is paired with decadent Valrhona Dark Chocolate and decorated with chewy pieces of artisanal candied oranges which is made less sweet. This elegant cake will surely win all hearts at home!

All natural ingredients. No colourings, essences, preservatives, shortening or additives such as baking powder and cream of tartar.

8" serves 8-10 pax

Allergens : Egg / Dairy / Wheat





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